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An intruder alarm system provides not only protection of your property but also peace of mind.

If you are looking for a full intruder alarm system these start from as little as £600.00+VAT *subject to survey for a standard 2/ 3-bedroom house over two floors.

We are a Cooper Scantronic Approved installer and fit Scantronic Alarm Systems as standard. Most systems are from the ION range which is a specialised range of radio systems that can be applied to different sized applications.

If you have decided that installing a full intruder alarm system is not for you but would still like a bell box on your property to deter potential thieves, JPro Services Ltd can install a dummy bell box. The bell box cover is installed with a flashing, battery-operated, dummy unit giving the appearance of a fully working system.

JPro: Insurance Company qualified fitters

JPro Services are an NSI Silver Approved company and can install systems to meet the requirements of most insurers. A certificate will be provided to certify that the system has been fitted in accordance with the appropriate standard.

Monitored alarm versus un-monitored alarm

There are three options when it comes to alarm monitoring.

  1. No monitoring or ‘Bells Only’

    When activated the alarm will ring. This is for a maximum of 15 minutes before stopping and will ring again for 15 minutes, but must not ring more than twice within a 24 hour period. In order to comply with Environmental Noise Regulations alarm bells must be programmed with an automatic noise cut out. There is no annual cost.

  2. Monitored via an ‘On-Board Dialler or Digital Communicator’

    This system is also sometimes known as a Digi. The system can be programmed to phone or text up to four key-holders using an existing phone line or internet cable. The system sends out an automated message or tone when activated. There is no additional cost by the alarm company on an annual basis for this service*

    *Telephone or Internet connection and ongoing provision to be provided by the customer. JPro is not responsible for any costs incurred from the customer’s telecoms provider. Some service providers do not support this scheme.

  3. Monitored via an Alarm Receiving Centre or “ARC”

    With a fully monitored system, when your alarm is activiated the system notifies the ARC and a call-centre representative contacts the supplied key-holders in order and / or Police if Police monitored. There is an annual charge for this service of £150.00+VAT* with set-up fees**

    *RedCare Classic upon request
    **Set-up fees vary. More info available upon request.

BT RedCare

JPro Services Ltd are BT RedCare Approved Installers. BT provide a range of dedicated products to monitor your security system or fire alarm. These include the BT RedCare Classic, BT RedSecure products and fire monitoring.

Insurance companies may specify that a dedicated monitoring product is provided. If you require a dedicated monitoring system, we would recommend a BT RedSecure product*. With this you have two ‘lines’ of monitoring; one via a telephone or IP (Internet Line), and one via a GSM or roaming SIM. If for some reason your telephone line or Internet should fail the alarm will still be monitored via the alternative route. This can be useful in areas where analogue telephone lines might not be reliable.

*Set-up and annual charges apply.

Becoming Police monitored

Police Monitored Alarm Systems offer additional reassurance that your home or business premises are being protected. You may also be advised by your insurance company that your property / contents require police monitoring. There are different factors that will determine this requirement such as: value of contents; specific business activity; local theft statistics; likelihood of personal attack or lone working / occupancy. Speak to your insurance company for more information.

In order to have your system monitored by the Police you must have a Police URN (Unique Reference Number) and a system that complies with Police policy for monitored systems. If you do not already have a Police URN JPro Services Ltd will apply to your local Police Authority for this on your behalf. You will be required to complete some Police issue forms including a Property Risk Assessment. There is a charge per URN applied for (details upon request). A URN must be applied for per intruder alarm and per hold up or personal attack alarm.

Find out more about police URN’s here

Installing a "Graded System"

Your insurance company may request that you install a “Graded System”. All intruder alarm systems are fitted to a specific Grade:

Grade 1 – basic level of cover / standard domestic property in a very low risk area

Grade 2 – medium level of cover / standard domestic or commercial premises e.g.: house or school

Grade 3 – high level of cover / high priority or value e.g.: jewellers or house with extensive high value contents

All systems we fit are a Mimimum of Grade 2 in accordance with PD6662. All devices and panels are Grade 2 or 3 compliant and meet EN54 standards.

Radio Intruder Systems

We fit radio and hybrid systems as standard now. The only cabling required is at the control panel, the keypad, bell-box (if required) and fused spur, so removing all those unsightly cables everywhere. All devices are battery operated.

Radio Alarms do need regular battery changes:

  • the devices should have batteries changed annually as per manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • the control panel batteries need to be changed every 3-4 years under normal conditions.
  • Radio bell boxes require changing every 3-4 years as well under normal conditions.

Service Contracts

Regular maintenance of any alarm system not only prolongs the life of the system, but also reduces the likelihood of false alarms and activations.

Unlike fire alarm systems it is not a legal requirement to service your alarm every year. Some insurers however may require evidence that the system is maintained by a ‘competent system’ on a regular basis, usually annually.

Service Costs start from £99.00 inc VAT for most domestic systems and £99.00 + VAT for most small business systems for example.*

*External Monitoring Fees still apply.

JPRO Accreditations
JPRO Accreditations