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CCTV systems are available through most DIY outlets and online providers as standard these days however, there is so much on offer it can be difficult to choose the right product.

With the rise of mass production and import from the East, how can you be sure what you are getting is both safe, reliable and right for the job.

JPro Services Ltd provide CCTV systems from small domestic applications to larger multi-camera systems along with peace of mind. With a JPro Services fitted system the quality of equipment and life expectancy is guaranteed. We try and ensure that picture quality is as good as possible during both day and night. All our systems are fitted with IP (Weather) Rated, vandal resistant and Infra-Red cameras as standard, so reducing that ill-defined surveillance footage you sometimes see on Crimewatch

We can install standard DVR recorders but can also recommend NVR recorders and IP Cameras that work entirely on your internet connection and/or network allowing you to access your CCTV footage anywhere in the world (provided you have an internet connection). These systems can also be accessed via most smart phones.

We can also provide ANPR cameras (automatic number plate recognition) for vehicle monitoring and PTZ cameras (pan tilt and zoom) for more extensive applications. All our Camera Systems are installed in accordance with the recommendations of the NSI NCP 104 recommendations.

Although you can install your equipment yourself (or ask an electrician), we not only offer full remote support before, during and after set-up, we also ensure you are fully compliant with strict Privacy and Data Protection Laws. If your CCTV footage is miss-used in anyway you could be held personally responsible.

More information on CCTV and Data Protection is provided by the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office).

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JPRO Accreditations