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Fire Risk Assessments (FRA) can be carried out on existing premises, at the design stage of a new build project and for completed projects.

All fire risk assessments are carried out by Graham Horsman, supported by Vicki Swain, our fire safety experts, and are conducted independently of our sales team in order to maintain impartiality.

Graham and Vicki will support you all the way through the assessment process and at the end of the process you will have a full working fire risk assessment document that you can maintain.

Legal requirements for Fire Safety

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 brings fire safety legislation together under one simple order.If you have some level of control in premises then you are obliged to take reasonable steps to prevent fire and ensure there are safe escape routes in place if there is a fire.

As a business you are required to carry out a fire risk assessment. The Fire Regulatory Reform has been in place since 2005, but prosecutions are now more prevalent than ever before. If you are the responsible person, then you MUST conduct a FRA.

Regularity of Fire Risk Assessment

No exact timescales in which assessments should take place are given in the Fire Regulatory Reform Order but generally the responsible person must not only conduct a FRA but maintain it by reviewing it annually.If any significant changes to the building are made or there is a change of use / occupancy then a full re-assessment should be undertaken. If there are no changes to the building then the assessment should be undertaken again approximately every 4-5 years unless otherwise stated by the company policy, insurance requirements or personal choice.

Performing Fire Risk Assessments yourself

You can perform your own fire risk assessment and there are a number of templates available online. However we advise that unless the risk is low you consult a fire safety professional.

Ask yourself "Am I qualified to assess the risk?" and in the event of a fire "Can I prove to a court of Law that my knowledge, qualifications and insurance liabilities can be justified?" If the answer to these questions is no you can be reassured that by using JPro Services and their fire safety specialists, Graham and Vicki, you have 30 years of fire safety experience behind you. In addition, their significant qualifications and insurance not only support their assessments but should you suffer the worst case scenario will stand up in court.

Use of NEBOSH Health & Safety Fire Risk Assessment

NEBOSH Health & Safety representatives may offer fire risk assessments and can be used to carry out your FRA. Fire safety is covered under a NEBOSH qualification but the primary qualification is in Health & Safety. JPro Services are specialists and take a more detailed approach as we believe that fire safety is a very detailed and intricate element of Health & Safety.

JPro Fire Risk Assessment

At JPro our opinion of fire safety is why risk it.

You are not just looking at the potential loss of possessions and severe disruption to business operations, but most importantly the endangerment of lives. A small investment in the correct advice and systems can help prevent this.

Prices for fire risk assessments start from £250.00+VAT depending on location, the size of the premises and operations.

Primary Schools within M25 - £350.00+VAT

Secondary Schools within M25 – £450.00+VAT

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