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The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 brings fire safety legislation together under one simple order.

If you have some level of control in the premises in which you work then you are obliged to take reasonable steps to prevent fire and ensure there are safe escape routes in place if there is a fire.

If you employ five or more employees, by law you are required to offer fire safety training.

At JPro Services we offer comprehensive training to meet this requirement. In addition we offer fire warden or fire marshal training for designated members of staff. Our training can be tailored to suit your specific site and needs, and presentations can be adjusted to include specific instructions or indications.

You should NEVER attempt to tackle a fire yourself and should ALWAYS evacuate a building and then call the Fire Service.

General Fire Safety Training

As an employer you are responsible for ensuring your staff are adequately trained in what to do in the event of a fire. Basic fire training should include basic evacuation procedures, elements of combustion, types of fire, types of extinguishers and use of extinguishers and basic firefighting skills.

Fire Marshal / Warden Training

Fire marshal / warden training covers fire safety in more depth and looks at both the theory and practical aspects of the fire warden’s roles and responsibilities, such as day-to-day fire safety and housekeeping issues, including emergency evacuation procedures.

Fire Safety Log Books

We provide all our customers with a generic fire safety log book. A more extensive log book is available. This enables you to record weekly tests, fire evacuations drills, inspections, service and maintenance visits and training requirements at a cost of £12.00+VAT.

Fire Marshal Kits

We can supply fire marshal kits for all your fire safety needs. Contact us for more details.

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JPRO Accreditations